"I have been a very satisfied customer of Poop BustersTM for many years. It was never a pleasant job for our family to keep up with. Then I found out about this company that picked up your dog's poo, for a very reasonable price. The company was called Poop BustersTM. Now thanks to them, we have a clean, worry free back yard.
Margaret, ABQ

"Cleaning up the yard after my loyal army of Weinerdogs was a chore that was always pushed to the back burner. So when I found Poop BustersTM it was a cinch! They are great! Very affordable, reliable and friendly! I can't even imagine what I would do without Poop BustersTM!"
Chastity, ABQ

"I have a big dog and a big backyard. No fuss, no muss, it's clean! This is the best thing I have ever done. They are a joy to work with and a wonderful business!"
Lynda, ABQ

"I highly recommend Poop BustersTM to anyone! Their service is excellent, convenient and thorough. Poop Busters is the best service available and is worth every penny!"

"I have been a satisfied customer of Poop BustersTM for several years. They are always reliable and efficient. It's good to work with people who have their s--t together!
Charles, ABQ

"We have been very satisfied Poop BustersTM clients for 13+ years. They have always been trustworthy, dependable and do a great job. They are diligent about closing and locking gates and keeping our pets secure. Our dogs have always loved them. We have referred Poop BustersTM to our friends and family and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
Sharon, ABQ

"We have been using Poop BustersTM for nine years and couldn't be happier with their service. Their fees are very reasonable and they even include an envelope in the monthly bill so you don't have to remember the payment address. Our pups love Poop BustersTM too because dog biscuits are left for them after each visit. We recommend Poop Busters to all our friends and family and wouldn't think of using another company!"
The Hansen's, ABQ

"We have 3 dogs. They LOVE Debbie. She just has a way with dogs beyond the treats she always leaves for them. I appreciate her professionalism and positive, sunny nature. Debbie provides a valuable service we plan to use for as long as she offers it!"
Suki, ABQ

"I have been a satisfied customer of Poop BustersTM for many years. Their service has been so helpful during the time I was teaching and also now that I am retired (and stiffer.) Charlie, my dog, also looks for his treats every time he goes out the back door. He is thrilled every Monday when his biscuits are actually there!"
Susan, Rio Rancho

"Doggie doo on your shoe? Who you gonna call? POOP BUSTERSTM!
We have been using the services of Poop BustersTM for nearly seven and a half years now and would not give up this affordable, invaluable and environmentally friendly responsible service for almost anything! Our 100-pound Weinaramer, Max, is trained to do his business in a section of our side yard that is landscaped with rocks. Shoveling dog droppings off the top of rocks is a back-breaking, impossible task, as we did not have the right tools to scoop the poop without picking up the rocks too! Debbie walks into out property every Friday morning, like clockwork, without disturbing us and "busts" the poop in less than 1O minutes, leaving all the rocks behind and putting the dog waste in our outdoor trashbin- all for the cost of a drive-through gourmet coffee once a week! Debbie had been coming to our aid since max was a puppy and he loves to bark at Debbie as though he has never seen her in his life before and Debbie just blows off his silly game does her work fearlessly and leaves two doggie cookies behind for our big old, yet lovable grump! It is also a relief to know that the disposal of the animal waste routinely leaves the yard and minimizes the amount of doggie waste bacteria entering our city's water drainage system via water runoff. That is the same water recycled for human consumption, so PLEASE do your part to keep dangerous bacteria out of our water supply!"
Tricia and Peter, ABQ

"I love Poop BustersTM! They take care of the not so fun part of being a dog owner. I have used this service through 3 generation of dogs and will continue to use them as long as I have dogs. Even my nervous, rescued mutts love them. Debbie was wonderful and found comforting scriptures for me when my beloved St. Bernard died suddenly. They come bearing treats and my dogs love them. Never had a problem in the 10+ years we have used Poop BustersTM
Leslie, ABQ