Pictures of Our Puppy Pals
Poop Busters adheres to a very thorough cleanliness standard. We disinfect our equipment after every stop. This cleaning removes any and all pathogens that may be present is animal waste. We also run our routes just ahead of Waste Management. We do this in order to minimize the time the waste is in your black can. This also elevates any odor you might have had to experience when taking out the trash.

Dog are naturally clean animals. Puppies are the exception, but, as your adult dog matures you may notice that they pick a certain area to expel waste. Many times this site will be on the perimeter of the area. If this area is not cleaned regularly the dog may be compelled to move to another area. Keeping the area clean makes a happier dog and a happier you. In the summer it also helps with odor control and those pesky disease carrying flies.  most cities have ordinances in place to require pet owners to keep a clean yard and if the owners fail to comply they could face costly fines and may even lose ownership of the pet.

Keeping the area  clean and reduce the number of unwanted insects, like the flies mentioned above. Flies are attracted to animal waste like kids to the ice cream man. They lay eggs in the waste and a week the process is complete and you have adult flies. Flies live there entire life in very close proximity to where they hatched. Thus keeping the area clean will reduce the number of flies.

So let us worry about the gross details and you just enjoy your yard and pet!